Information regarding the registration

Your registration is free of charge.
After the registration we will be checking your information. Afterwards you will be given access to our site and you can test all the options that do involve a charge.

IAEC active membership

As a trained Esogetic therapist you have the following user options on the site: 

  1. Membership oft he international foundation of the Esogetic Medicine / Color puncture according to Peter Mandel IEAC
  2. Public your data as therapist of the Esogetic Mediscine / Color Punkture in our search engine. 
  3. Calculating mask of the Esogetic numerology.
  4. Web compendium of the Esogetic Medicine / color puncture that includes Esogetical training material and an assistant for your patient’s therapies.

For members oft the IAEC and the community of interest of the foundation of Esogetic Medicine according to Peter Mandel the utilization of the Esogetic’s numerology is for free and using the compendium you will be offered a discount of 50%.


IAEC passive membership

Any natural person or legal entity can become a passive member in ordert o support the foundation and community of Peter Mandel

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